Welcome to the web page of the Sensors research group at Universiti Putra Malaysia led by Professor NorAzahYusof. We specialise in chemical and biosensor for environment, medical diagnostic and food monitoring.

The research group has around 20 members working on a variety of research projects funded through Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and a variety of industrial sponsors.

There are seven main research projects in the group:

  1. DNA and immuno based biosensors system for ultrasensitive, non-invasive and affordable detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB).
  2. Nanosensor for early detection of GanodermaBoninense and soil quality for control of the related disease
  3. Multifunctional nanofluidic biochip for dengue detection utilizing silicon nanostructure
  4. Development of prototype for metal ion sensor exploiting peptides and ionophore as recognition element
  5. Folic acid-conjugated chitosan-based quantum dot system for multiple application sites of cancer cell imaging and therapy
  6. Green and renewable sorbent for mercury cleanup in petroleum industries for sustainable Malaysian environment
  7. Study on Novel and Practical Fruit Grading and Oil Quality Monitoring Technology in Palm Oil Mills.

These different projects are explained in more detail on the research pages