Folic acid-conjugated chitosan-based quantum dot system for multiple application sites of cancer cell imaging and therapy

A novel method for detection of cancer


Researchers globallyexpended time and resources to explore the knowledge towards ending the threat of cancerous diseases by researching novel approaches that will simplify clinical examination and treatment processes by the use of rapid and sensitive methods. The introduction of site specific and sensitive tools will contribute for early diagnosisof tumors and also supports toselectivelycure cancer cellsfor targeteddrug delivery with no adverse consequences to healthy neighboring tissues.

An integrated nanotherapeutic system which can diagnose, deliver targeted therapy and further monitor the response to therapy and disease statushas been the subject of interest in clinical oncology. This can be achieved by taking advantageof transforming the unique physicochemical properties of nanoparticles (NPs) to assume multiple functionalities that suet both as diagnostic and therapeutic functions simultaneously.In this way, the development of multifunctional NPscan expand the scope and expectations of research in nanomedicine which leads to a) an early diagnosis and enabling personalized in-time disease management, b) aggregating different functionalities of nanomaterials to form single stable nanoplatforms capable of specific targeting the diseased cells, and c) achievement of cargo delivery functions with simultaneous cell imaging. In that view, we hypothesized that the application of FA-conjugated chitosan-loaded quantum dot system can solve the issues associated with the diagnosis-based cancer therapy approach. For the purpose of this research we shall briefly discus the role played by FA as targeting agent, quantum dots specifically Zn:Mn quantum dots in imaging and chitosan serving as vehicle for anticancer drug delivery.